On board sailing yacht Fernande we experience freedom and the incredible. We are a different species of traveller, we are
Homo zarpiens.

Photo: Heitor Cavalheiro

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On board we promote proximity with nature and the adventure spirit, experiencing each place in a unique fashion, at the pace of a small group, interacting and learning, being Homo zarpiens.


Sailing yacht Fernande is a French 70ft aluminium ketch specially built for proper ocean sailing and set up for expeditions in the remotest of places, from Antarctica to Polynesia.


The homey atmosphere on board is nurtured by skipper Charlie Flesch who looks after his crew with great care and enthusiasm. Charlie has been an outdoor group-leader for over 20 years, combining biology, education, tourism, scuba diving and sailing in his carreer.

Sailing yacht Fernande is available to host science and tv teams, bird and wildlife watching, photography, climbing, kayaking or scuba diving groups. All can be catered for. 

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