Why travelling with Homo zarpiens Expeditions ?

For a different species of traveller

The name Homo zarpiens originated from the pun of mixing the lattin name of the human species with the passion for travelling and sailing (the verb “zarpar” means to set sail in both Spanish and Portuguese)

Being a Homo zarpiens is being a different species of traveller, learning, experimenting and interacting with the world through our senses.

We want to have time to connect to the places with unequalled beauty and also the opportunity to experience life on board an Antarctic sailboat.


The creator of Homo zarpiens is Charlie Flesch, a professional with over 20 years of group-leading in the outdoors who believes that connecting to prestine places is the most enriching way to recharge one’s batteries and refreshing one’s spirit.


The Homo zarpiens experience requires no previous sailing, hiking or exploring on the cv nor an athletic build. You just have to be in good health, have no major motor restriction and be able to swim. Paramount, though, is the team spirit and the skill to harmoniously flow within the group.

On board we strive to promote personal growth as we experience the most incredible places on the planet.


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